Windermere Builder Solutions

Tyler Freed, host of “Community Real Estate Talk Show” interviews Randy about his involvement in WBS. Listen to the 16-minute interview here.

Providing optimized marketing and sales support 

Windermere’s Builder Solutions (WBS) program provides professional marketing, sales, and operational support to builders and developers through all stages of new home sales. Windermere Builder Solutions gives builders many of the benefits of an in-house sales team, but with the added value that comes from partnering with one of the largest regional real estate companies in the nation. The results benefit both builders and buyers of newly constructed homes.

An expertly trained sales team 

Our team is made up of brokers who are sales, marketing, and operational experts, with extensive experience selling real estate for some of the most respected local, regional, and national builders and developers, cutting across various construction types and communities—from urban to suburban, and everything in between. The sales excellence of our team members is supported through high-competency training, and ongoing networking and educational events.